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Hello! My name is Daniel. I’m a photo retoucher. I’ve been editing photos for over 12 years and can perform everything from simple edits to high-end beauty retouching.

My rates depends on what you want to be done with the image. Send your photo(s) to my email and write what you need to be done in details and I will get back to you with the quote.

Food Retouching services

Food Retouching

FOOD Retouching. Are your social media or websites suffering because of all the bad photos? Revitalize your images with a Food Retouching services! Needing to manipulate photos of a pizza, salad, beer snacks, or wings? I offer a wide range of services to make sure that your food always looks good. Create mouth-watering creations for your ad campaigns with my services food retouching. With my retouching services you can make your pizza appear to be the best pizza ever.

BASIC retouching

PORTRAITS. BASIC Retouching. This type of retouch is mainly chosen by amateur photographers, usually they don’t require deep professional photo post processing plus artistic changes. If you choose this Basic Level, without doubts you will see basic colors will be adjusted, exposition plus contrast will be also fixed. The second main part of post processing is a basic retouching of people which includes light retouching skin and sharpening.

Advanced retouching

ADVANCED retouching

PORTRAITS. ADVANCED Retouching. This type of retouch is mainly chosen by suit people who want careful post processing of their works plus demand individual approach. These services are often used by the portrait photographers.

HIGH-END retouching

PORTRAITS. HIGH-END Retouching.High-End retouching services mean a retouch up level, which has numerous picture post processing methods and extraordinary artistic modifications. High End retouch is frequently used in the top publications, along with the well-known clothes, shoes, jewelry and cosmetics brands’ promotional resources. This kind of tedious post production photo services is frequently seen in different spheres of digital art industry.

BEAUTY Retouching

BEAUTY Retouching. If there’s a main difficulty to be said about beauty retouching, it’s that it can be very hard to make it look natural at times.
In this day and age, it’s important to realise that less is more when it comes to beauty editing and that the days of overly smoothed and blurred skin, enlarged eyes and reshaped features are long gone.
There has been a shift in retouching trends for the better, with many more improved retouching techniques and methods to focus on.