My rates depends on what you want to be done with the image. Send your photo(s) to my email and write in detail what you need to do and I will get back to you with the quote. Or contact me by WhatsApp.

BASIC retouching $10 per photo(2 photos minimum)
ADVANCED retouching $20
HIGH-END retouching $50

Bulk Orders:
⩾10 photos — 5% discount
⩾15 photos — 10% discount
⩾20 photos — 15% discount
⩾25 photos — 20% discount
⩾50 photos — 30% discount

Orders are usually retouched within 2-5 days. If you need the results faster please do let me know.
I accept Paypal and Skrill.

My Portfolio:


You always get what you pay for!
If you are looking for a cheap retoucher, you can not expect high-end-quality retouching. You have to understand it.
Please respect my work and don’t waste my time by trying to beat down my prices. I put many years of experience in my work and love what I do, but I also have to pay my bills like you and — trust me — this is not possible by doing everything for free or spending a whole day on a touch-up for $5.

Contact today and take your photos to the next level.

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