Here are the most frequently questions :
📍How much does the retouch cost? 
It depends on what result do you want. I’ve got different service packages for different results.
📍Do you do a free tests? 
No, I don't. If you have some doubts, you can order just one shot from your series, pay for it, and if you like it, then you can send me other shots.
📍How much time does it take you to retouch one order ?
Everything depends on the chosen plan of retouch and the quantity of your photos. The order in 10-15 photos usually takes me 5 days. The orders that consist of more than 15-20 photos can take me 10-15 days or more. Just let me know, If you really need your order to be done as soon as possible. I’ll make it as fast as I can but the cost of retouch will rise on 30%.
📍How do you accept the payment?
Usually I take a 100% prepayment, but you can also pay 50% as a prepayment and after acceptance send me another 50%. 
📍In what formats does you take a retouch?
I prefer to work with RAW files, however high resolution .jpeg/.tiff files are also acceptable.
📍Do you retouch the photos that were made on mobile phone camera?
Yes, I retouch these photos. But you should understand, that opportunities in retouching of this photos is lower, without a 
huge loss of quality. 
📍Do you have any trainings or courses?
No, I don’t teach courses.
Contact today and take your photos to the next level.
Thank You!
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